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Rocks #1255 &1344 heading to Jersey, USA

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

CHRIS D : " Found my two rocks in the bottom of my purse. How they were snuck in there, I have no idea! Not sure how long they've been in there, if I have known a month ago, I would have taken one with me to Italy. Instead, I will take one to Beach Haven, LBI, NJ with me early September. I'm notorious for throwing my purse in a corner and not paying attention after that!!! Or maybe on my desk at Bill's office, I threw them in my purse to investigate later and forgot? Doesn't matter! I have them now and they're going with me! Justin was a wandering soul, could NOT get that kid to stay home. From the minute he realized his bike, roller blades, skateboard and City bus (yes, you read that right) could take him anywhere he wanted to go, he was allllllll over the place! Crazy child! THANKS!!! for letting me participate in this adventure! Honored at my good fortune!

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