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Rock # 662 traveled the heart & the world w/Alexis

ALEXIS M : " Hello. I found this stone with a great love of mine in southern Colorado on the Sinclair dinosaur outside of the gas station in the summer of 2022, there were two and a little boy found the other one. I took it home with me to Brooklyn, NY and have kept it with me for the past year- I was lucky enough to bring it to Oslo, Norway; all throughout the Italian countryside, London, Wales and Berlin, Germany. It came back with me to New York and then took a trip to Burning Man in the arid Black Rock City Desert. Had a weekend in Tulum Mexico and then back to NYC. I spent a month in Cartegena, Colombia where I was robbed but Ryan’s rock was one of the only things left! It’s been with me through the most painful breakup and a broken heart. It is now here with me on the Big Island in a rural part of Hawaii in a little village called Hakalau. I’m at a sort of Buddhist BnB run by an amazing Japanese woman and keep his rock with me for the daily meditations she leads. This place is magical and space for healing. I’ve grown very connected to this little green rock and until now never felt ok leaving it. There are many Jizo statues throughout the property and I feel moved to leave Ryans stone with the large Jizo at the entrance of the property. I know visitors will connect with it and Jizo will protect it and Ryan. Jizo (地蔵/womb of the earth), as they are called, are made in the image of Jizo Bosatsu, guardian deity of children who passed away and travelers . They're also known as the ‘earth bearer’, so jizo statues are made out of stone, which is said to have a spiritual power for protection and longevity that predates Buddhist beliefs. Jizo Bosatsu is a kind and patient deity, and so the statues are fine with eroding under rainwater and being covered in moss. These small stone incarnations greet us along the trail, bringing protection and power when we need it. And where there is a jizo, you may also find a small tower of stones nearby. I hope Ryan is having the best journey ever. It was a blessing to have a part of him with me on my travels. Sending love and hugs. Aloha and Mahalo

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