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Rock 1947 - Found in Santa Fe with an amazing story

Updated: Jun 2

Robin Lee and Rylee V

found a rock in Santa Fe, NM @ Il Vicino Restaurant : This rock did not only have a beautiful meaning behind it, it was a symbol of hope. My 4 year old daughter, Rylee and I had been going through a really difficult patch of our lives, we lost my mother in September of 2023, and recently escaped a very abusive situation. I was feeling very displaced and worn down, struggling to stay afloat through the divorce process with an extremely abusive man, and really missing my mother and her wisdom and encouraging words. I took my daughter to eat downtown Santa Fe where we are from, feeling very alone and questioning this entire journey, while still trying to keep my faith in God. Rylee suddenly with excitement says, "mom, I found a green rock!" She hands it to me and I see the address, we look it up and I was so touched by the story, I then turn the rock around and the rock number is the year my mama was born!!! "1947" I felt God's presence instantly, and felt peace and hope for the first time in a long time. My mother's name was Penny, at her memorial I did "Pennies from Heaven" with the idea of when you find a penny on the ground it's a little remind of the wonderful, amazing woman she was, and a way for her memory to live on. Ryan's story and the green rock project has inspired me to do something similar to pass on tokens of hope and encouragement in memory of my mom, and to be able to track their journey and the stories behind them. God bless you Ryan!! Thank you for helping to remind us that we are exactly where we should be in our journey. These are just some of the strokes in our beautiful painting! : ) We are not sure where we will leave our rock just yet, but it will need to be somewhere extra special and meaningful.

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Robin, thank you for the story. I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom, but what providence from God that the rock number was her birth year!

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