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Rock # 1497 traveled around and found at the San Francisco Airport

JANE : " I was waiting at my terminal on my way home to Orange County when I saw an older man kneeling by a large window. He was taking a picture of something but I couldn’t see. Then he stood up, looked around and quickly left. I was curious so I got up and went to find this rock. I left it on Coronado island in San Diego. My family and I were eating at our favorite diner called Clayton’s [pictured]

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15 nov. 2023

Thank you Jane for picking up #1497. I kept #1497 for two long and felt I needed to share my adventures with #1497 with someone else. I am glad you moved #1497 along for another adventure.

I have taken #1497 to,

London, England (many times)

Alicante, Spain

Cardiff, Wales

Podgorica, Montenegro

Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

Bar, Montenegro

Istanbul, Turkey

Canakkale, Turkey

Kusadasi, Turkey

Pamukkale, Turkey

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