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Rock 1497 Found at DIA; travelin' companion to London, Alicante and beyond to Montenegro

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

ROBERT : " Found on B concourse Denver International Airport and took it to London, England for a day. Now in Alicante for a couple of days. Eventually, this rock will end up in Montenegro. I will send a picture of where I leave it.

My two sons are adults and travel the world on their own adventures now. Their mother and I took them from Australia when they were 10 and 8 to the USA, UK, France, Germany, Austria and Thailand. Two years later we emigrated from Australia to the United States, from then on they became global citizens. My eldest son is a pilot with United Airlines after serving as an air force pilot, my youngest son is a paramedic in Clear Creek County, Colorado. I tried to take some photos in Alicante, Spain but they were blurred, sorry. I wish I had taken the rock with me when I toured Battersea Power Station in London, such a wonderful view of London from the top of the chimney.. I am currently in Cardiff, Wales. This is a monument to Scott and his expedition to the antarctic, This is a memorial to the British Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) and Merchant Navy. If you look closely at the closest wreath you may be able to see the rock resting in the bottom of the wreath, The red building is the Pierhead Building built in 1897, I will try to take some more photos in London before going to Montenegro. Best regards, Robert

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