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Rock # 1001 on a Day Trip to Shiprock, NM

Updated: Jan 11

LEROY AND ANGELA : "We found the memorial at Taylor Ranch Park and we’re inspired to take a day trip with rock #1001 to one of our favorite places……….Shiprock. What a beautiful tribute to Ryan and his love for adventure and traveling. Now his name and story will be known far and wide and hopefully will inspire more people to get out and have fun and experience more of God’s beautiful creation. We lift Ryan’s family in prayer to our Lord for continued healing in dealing with his absence from their beautiful family. ✨💚✨

And the journey continues:

ROCK # 1001 found in Shiprock and ......

JARED found it : "Found at the base of Shiprock Pinnacle. What an amazing place! We are traveling to WA State and will happily deliver rock to Arches in Moab, UT

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