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In short, these rocks are a living memory of Ryan Reese   

January 5th 1994 - March 2021

Originating in Albuquerque, New Mexico, these rocks began as a token that people could take from Ryan's Celebration of Life gathering. We found ourselves with a few extras and as a family, we began taking them with us to places we thought he would like to see or visit. Ryan would turn anything into an adventure.  He took a road trip from New Mexico to Washington State and made a game out of taking a rock from one part of his journey, traveling with it for a bit then leaving it at his next stop. This brought to mind the idea of leaving these rocks where people may find them and taking them on a whole new adventure. We wanted to be able to find out where and when these stones found themselves over time.  When Ryan would come home from one of his adventures he was excited to share the details of his experience and we'd like to welcome you in doing the same.  So please, if you found one of Ryan's Green Rocks fill out the form below telling us a little bit about where you found the rock and where you think you may take it, leave it or even keep it.  We are hoping to see them travel far and wide, aiding Ryan in going places he'd not had the opportunity to travel in the short time he walked this earth. Ryan showed love first to everyone and everything and we'd like that love to follow these rocks and serve to remind you to live life and enjoy each moment. These rocks are made to represent the unending journey we are all on and can work as a way to mark important, amazing, or memorable places; whatever that may mean to you. Give them to someone special, create with them, place them somewhere new or keep them as a positive reminder that we are all on a journey - do all you can with it

One wonderful painting is created from tens of thousands of strokes of lots of stuff.  Your life is one beautiful painting, glorious and in this very instant, stroke by stroke, with all we got, we are creating our journey.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ~ written  2017 by Ryan Reese



While it is incredibly difficult to describe the magnitude of Ryan through a website, we'll do our best to give you a beautiful glimpse of who he is.  Everything that required bravery, strength, spontaneity and a love for adrenaline was right up his alley.  This includes but definitely wasn't limited to Zen Buddhism and a deep connection with spirituality, skydiving and a constant enthusiasm and willingness to sink into the next adventure and a never-ending curiousity as to what might be around that next corner.  These traits took Ryan on journeys that few have the opportunity to experience.  With each moment he exuded nothing but love, compassion and excitement beautifully blended with an underlying sense of calm.  He has a way of making each and every person around him feel heard, seen and understood; there for everyone when they need a shoulder to cry on or a helping hand.  He worked hard at pulling people out of their comfort zones and into all of the beauty that life has to offer.  He never cared about who saw him dance or what he sounded like when he sang.  Ryan lived.  He lived life freely as himself and anyone that had the opportunity to be a part of his life was blessed with the understanding that they could live just as openly.  He is missed every moment of every day.  The manner of his death holds no flame to this incredible young man and his gift for embracing life.
We honor his life, We honor his spirit.  Enjoy the journey and buckle up - it's a helluva ride.  


."All events come & go in their time, but only now matters to us. Keep your soul shining, your spirit bright, you mind elevated in flight & you will arrive just fine and in time." 

                                                                                                  ~ part of a poem written in 2018 to his little sister


Thanks for your interest in Green Rock Project. Please fill out the form here and email us a picture of where you found your rock and where you will put it! We will post these to our website anonymously over time so that we can all see where these go.

The journey you've taken Ryan on! Oh! The Places You'll Go


Thank you for being curious and finding OR leaving your Green Rock:)

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